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₿oss Card_edited.jpg

For those who have followed my work for some time, you know that ₿itcoin is an important part of who I am and something I strongly believe in. The original painting above encompasses two of my life's passions, I will continue to pursue both as long as I am here. If you can find the common ground between the two and connect a few dots; there may be a reward at the end of the journey.

I present:  

"The ₿oss Card" 

48 x 72" oil on linen

This painting is a treasure map and puzzle of sorts, the treasure hidden within is 13 ₿itcoin.

Simply input the script from left to right starting with 38Graas9aw......bm6mKJ7L into any ₿itcoin block explorer to see proof of funds. But now comes the fun part...... can you move them?

Oh, so you think you're smart?

Below are 9 hints and 1 pointer, everything you need to succeed, in no particular order.

1. What if it was Shröedingers Dog?

2. "The Sovereign Individual" is a good book to read naked.

3. To know where the bird is going, you need to know where he's been. He likes warm climates and tends to fly in a seashell pattern.

4. Tokyo is cold in March and Barcelona looks interesting from a birds-eye view.

5. Dead in the middle of little Italy, little did we know that we riddled some middle men who didn't do diddly.

6. If you know who to call, you might get a response.

7. 6's and 13's go well together, if only there was a 13th month.

8. Twitter is a hell of a drug.

9. The Concorde had really small windows.

10. P=NP they'll say.


This puzzle is open to anyone, buying the original work does not give the owner an advantage to solving it. If this page is still up, then the puzzle has not been solved.

I may at times move the funds to another wallet. In this event, the entire balance will be moved to another wallet, minus any transaction fees. If the puzzle is not completed and I am no longer available, there is a process in place to send the BTC to charity.

Any additional questions, media inquires, hints, etc, regarding this work please email fuckoff@fuckyou.fu

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