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Golden Triumph

An art project with Peter Schiff

***Update June 7th: Peter's Twitter account has now been restored, thanks Elon. The public event in NYC will now take place Fri, June 16th from 7-9pm, with the online auction concluding at 9pm. A leaderboard showing the high bidder for the original painting+ Ordinal and one showing the top 50 bids for the numbered prints + Ordinals will be up on this page starting Monday, June 12th.***

GOLDEN TRIUMPH oil on linen 48 x 60"

Register to Bid


Pay Pal If demand is there, we will add it as a payment option

Thanks for Registering, you will receive a reply with your bidding ID in less than 24 hrs

This collaborative effort will consist of the original painting GOLDEN TRIUMPH (oil on linen - 48 x 60") and a set of numbered prints 1-50 (archival paper -24 x 30"), each signed by both Peter and me. Also included with each print is a corresponding and unique Ordinal inscribed unto the Bitcoin blockchain (images below). A two-part auction will conclude on June 9th, 2023 at 9pm EST(Changed to June 16th, 2023 at 9pm EST) The first auction will consist of the original GOLDEN TRIUMPH and will include an unnumbered Ordinal of the image on the painting, highest bidder wins. The second auction will consist of 50 prints and accompanying respective Ordinals numbered 1-50, with the highest  bidder winning number 1 and the next 49 bidders in descending order winning 2-50. GOLDEN TRIUMPH is now up for public display at the address below (gallery hours 2-6pm). Both Peter and I will be present in NYC on June 9th- (Changed to June16th) for the culmination of the auction, please join us. 295 Madison Ave, NY, NY. 10017.

Auction Rules. Please read if bidding:

As Bitcoin Ordinals are a nascent space and because of the unique nature of this auction, we have decided to conduct it in-house, with a small trusted back-end team monitoring incoming bids. The process will be semi-automated, any registered bids received and time-stamped before 9pm EST on June 9th, 2023  (1am UTC +1)[Changed to 9pm EST on June 16th, 2023 (1am UTC +1)] will count as valid.

Once you have registered and have been issued a bidding ID, you will then be asked to send a bankroll of BTC to an address we control or send through PayPal(contact us first for Pay Pal). Whatever amount of BTC you send will be credited after 2 confirmations on the blockchain and the BTC price pegged to the USD value of BTC on at that time. You will receive a reply with the dollar amount credited to your account and if you are not satisfied with the conversion rate, you may ask for a full refund within 24 hrs of our reply and only before June 7th, 2023 at 11:59pm(changed to June 14th, 2023 at 11:59pm). This type of refund will be issued within 48 hours, minus transaction fees, and only if you have provided a refund address. Once a bid is placed by you, the bid will go through the same process as above and will be pegged to the price at the time of bid. Once a bid is placed there will be no refunds unless you do not win any items in the auction. Given the nature of this process, we will allow bidders who have already sent funds to bid up to 125% of their deposit amount (ie $300 bankroll=$375 max bid) with the understanding that they must send the reminder within 48 hrs of the auction close to receive their winning item (there will be no refunds in the event that you do not send the balance and the item will be sold to the next highest bidder). We will not be able to notify you in the event that you have gone over the 125% threshold, so if you think you are close you can send additional funds to the wallet address initially provided. Each bidder can only win one item in each respective auction, however the buyer of the original painting may also bid on a single print.

Registered users will be able to place bids by replying with your bid amount in $USD and your id number. Examples, format not specific: Bid $300 - (ID L000R000 print); Bid  $30,000 (ID M000T000 original). Your auction ID number is specific to bidding on either the original painting or the print. If bidding on both, include both bids in your reply. Once bidding begins the top bid on the (original painting+ Ordinal) and the 50 highest bidders for the (prints + Originals) will have their auction ID numbers listed here in the form of a leader board, it will updated as often as possible throughout the day with more frequent updates leading up to the auction close. Only bids originating from the email address entered on this form and that include the bidding ID will count, so please do not share them together with anyone. Once the auction is complete there will be a list of winners on this page, each winner can choose to be represented by either a nickname(nothing vulgar), real name or auction ID, this list will be permanently visible on this page as well as the creation address of each Ordinal to verify its provenance.

**Demand has been high so in order to limit the floor discovery process we have set an opening bid of $30,000 for the original painting+ Ordinal, and a $300 opening bid for the print+Ordinal.**

Any Bitcoin bids not above the minimum will not count as valid and will returned in full minus any transaction fees after the auction has ended. If we deicide to open PayPal bidding then the $USD will be returned in full, minus fees. Any BTC dust transactions or initial send amounts under $100 USD equivalent will not be returned. All other refunds will be sent within 72 hours of the close of the auction. Please note winning bidders will be responsible for shipping costs of the physical items. Also, depending on the ending price of the auction items, we may be required to obtain KYC information from you before we can send you your winning items. If this is an issue, or if you live in a jurisdiction with Western sanctions in place such as N. Koren/Iran, then please do not bid on any items in this auction as we will not be able to deliver them. Please make sure your wallet is capable of receiving Ordinals and that you have provided the correct address. For those who may not be ready to receive the Ordinal along with the physical item, you will still be able to unlock it for up to one-year after the end of the auction, at which point it will no longer be available.

Best of Luck,

MP and Peter Schiff

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