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Verification, at a basic level it can help you quickly distinguish between a trusted source and someone who may be trying to fool you. Historically such trust was only granted by God or decree of King. Today a powerful group of gatekeepers tell us who is worthy of our attention.
  Would you like verification?
 I will verify you, at a price.
This open-ended project will consist of an ascending series of numbered works, each featuring Doberbird and a blue check mark, today there are 30 present, numbered 1-30. The first painting, number 1 will be priced for sale at $1, then each subsequent painting in the series will be priced at 50% more than the previous one sold. The 10th piece will be priced at $38.44, the 20th for $2216.84, and so on.
The series will be available for purchase at 295 Madison Ave. NY, NY 10017 on a first-come, first-served basis starting June 30th, 2023 at 10am. There is a limit of one purchase per customer. All pieces bought that day must be paid for in cash and with exact change. You will walk out with the piece in your hand.
There will always be a higher-numbered piece in the series available for purchase on this page after June 30th. The first works will be easily accessible and the open market will determine the value of future paintings in the series.
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